Let us TAKE
CARE of you

Since 1985, we’ve helped our clients make the most of their prescription drug coverage.


We work with you to design a customized prescription drug benefit that works for your organization. We will work together to be sure your members have the coverage they need and the costs to your organization are controlled. We’ll take care of you.


Brokers and Associations

Managed care organizations

Third-party administrators

Hospice centers

many others

After your plan is established, relax. We’re taking care of the details:

Plan Monitoring

Pharmacy Contact

Member Questions

Reporting Analysis

Plan Modification


We’re here for you. Whether it’s a question about copays, coverage of a medication, or how to receive reimbursement, give us a call. We are dedicated to getting you the answers you need.​ We’re here to take care of you.
Prescription Network works with patients who are covered through a group program. We do not contract with patients directly for prescription drug coverage.

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